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Lotus Garden

Aloha! Meet Megan & Jasper, creators of ‘The Lotus Garden’: We’ve been working to create an atmosphere for visitors that reflects the beauty of the tropics. We feel so honored to work on a property in such a historic place on this magical island.

  • Megan – an Aussie (ex Melbourne), artist, colorist, designer
  • Jasper – a former Ventura surfer boy, musician, artist carpenter-contractor

People see the buddhas in the garden and they say it reminds them of Thailand, or India or .. Bali. We love compliments like this. They ask us if we are buddhist and we have to say..” kind of.. but not.” We do seek Zen and simple and we like to kick it up notch at the same time.

That’s us.. Who else would be crazy enough to buy 5 gallons of a color called ‘Hot Lips Pink?’

…a diferent vibe

Colorful & vibrant

The Lotus Garden is in a great location for those who enjoy being close to cafes, restaurants, galleries and a Farmer’s Market. There are live music venues around town. Hilo has a Tavern, a Tea House, a Kava Bar and a Kombucha Bar all on the same main street of town. That’s Hilo for you. It’s an out of the box kind of place..

The Lotus Garden features buildings resonant with history going way back in time.  Descendants of the many families who lived on this property still stop by and introduce themselves.This place has the flavor of an older, slower Hawaii.

We strive to create a relaxing place to stay with  simple decor and amenities. We’ve designed each space to allow guests to connect with the garden surrounds. We sleep to the sound of frogs chirping and we catch the fragrance of Night Blooming Jasmine come evening time. In such an intimate garden setting, guests will meet one another in passing but the units remain private.

We live on the property so we are available if guests need assistance. Just ask .. we know some great little beach parks close by and some special things to do around Hilo.

… Our latest creed to live by? “Now is a really good time!” And so it is..

There is beauty all around